GPS and panic services
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GPS and panic services

GPS and panic services with Smart Safe provides easy and accurate location tracking to assist with personal safety and emergency response services. Smart Safe is reliable and secure, with over fifteen years of experience in the security and monitoring industry. Our technology is specially developed and customised for the South African environment, and provides security, peace of mind and instantaneous emergency response.

Protect your family with GPS and panic services

As a parent who worries about the safety of your children, you can rest assured that with Smart Safe’s GPS and panic services, your children are in safe hands. Perhaps, in addition to your children, you are also concerned about an elderly relative getting lost or injuring themselves while home alone. The Smart Safe wristwatch is attractive and stylish, suitable for children and adults alike, and provides remote monitoring, direct communication and quick response. With a simple press of an SOS button on the wristwatch, your family member can send panic alerts to you and to three other people, such as your partner or a caregiver. The Smart Safe control room also receives the panic alert, and communicates directly with the person who sent it to determine the situation before dispatching the necessary response teams. Police, ambulances and security companies are all just an SOS button away when your family member needs it. Families can sign up for Basic, Premium or Unlimited Smart Family Services depending on their needs. With Smart Unlimited, you can ensure coverage for:

  • Four family members
  • Two vehicles
  • Data and airtime for SOS panics
  • One emergency SOS response
  • Funeral plan

The benefits of 24/7 monitoring

Not only do our GPS and panic services provide reliable monitoring and instant emergency response, we also make such events smoother and more easily managed should they occur. Using a Smart Safe wristwatch or any Smart Safe product can save valuable time, as your vital records such as medical aid details and identification are kept on record. You can also use our app on mobile and desktop platforms to view and track your family members at any time of the day to ease any safety concerns. Sign up for Smart Safe GPS and panic services today.

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